E-Spray Hand Held Electrostatic Sprayer


Electrostatic Sprayer for infection control

Fimap Cordless E-Spray Electrostatic Sprayer is the ultimate in Infection Control. Lightweight & comfortable to use, the E-Spray is powered by a lithium battery that lasts for hours. The technology behind the E-Spray means that every side of an object is treated, without the need to point the sprayer in different directions. 

For example, fill the 1 lt bottle with a suitable disinfectant then point the sprayer in the direction of a desk, spray for 2-3 seconds and all surfaces have been covered, including blind spots, creating a 360 degree coverage in a fraction of the time wiping with a cloth takes and also massively reducing labour. 

Sensitive items like computer keyboards, telephones & office desks are completely disinfected in seconds without leaving surfaces damp or sticky. Numerous areas suitable for use include schools, colleges, food processing plants, cruise ships, airplanes, hospitals, creches, veterinary clinics, hotels, spas, businesses.
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