AV Direct Concentrated Systems for Kitchens

AV Direct offers a complete range of  branded kitchen care products to cover every kitchen cleaning and hygiene task for the best possible results and food safety.
Our total package of cleaning chemicals, dilutions systems, equipment and support services offer integrated food safety and cleaning management solutions that are simple, safe, sustainable and value for money with reduced costs.
AV Direct offer machine Service and Repairs with our highly trained staff, in our on site workshop. These include, Robot Coupe, Taski Floor Machines, Fimap Floor Machines, Burco Boilers, Toasters, Slicers,
Full-Service Approach
Machines, cleaning chemicals and support—it all revolves around making your job easier. We offer a fully integrated solution, and eliminate the need for multiple vendors. We simplify your operation and help you put your business in high gear.
To help ensure we fully understand your needs, the AV Direct experience begins with a conversation.
We will sit down with you to ensure we:
Gain a full understanding of your needs
Identify areas where we can deliver operational improvement
Design a customized solution to improve your bottom line
Discuss machine service, ownership, rental and/or financing options
To ensure constant performance and efficiency
To guarantee safety and reliability
To keep high the value of your purchase over time

AV Direct offers a comprehensive range of highly effective cleaning, maintenance and protection products.
Systems to cover every aspect of cleaning tasks for Washrooms, Floors and Interiors. These ranges and systems ensure speed and efficiency, safety and sustainability, reduce the overall cost of cleaning, and provide you with exceptional results.
AV Direct helps you to achieve the very best results quickly and easily by providing the right stripper, polish, cleaner, equipment and methods.
A simplified, highly effective range of floor cleaning, maintenance and protection products ensure speed and efficiency, reducing your overall cost of cleaning.

AV Direct have been providing a quality washroom service since 2004, offering a complete choice of services to help maintain a high level of hygiene.
Sanitary & Nappy Bin Disposal, Feminine Vending Service, Air Freshening, Air Hand Dryers, Toilet Paper Systems, Water Management, Toilet Seat Sanitisers, Baby Changing Tables are just some of the services offered by our dedicated team of hygiene specialists.
Contact our Washroom Service Manager Niamh who'll be happy to offer advice or arrange a site visit. 
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Available at AV Direct through a comprehensive and hassle-free rental and maintenance program, you are guaranteed a consistently high level of service, with sensitive feminine hygiene and nappy waste disposed of professionally in a safe and environmentally considerate manner.
A clean, hygienic washroom says a lot about your company. It shows you apply the same high standards to all aspects of your business and place the health and safety of your staff and customers top of the agenda. Choosing AV Direct and you’ll have a world-class washroom service at your fingertips. All dispensers are selected for performance and efficiency, giving the most economical and reliable application to the user.

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