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Square Olive Oil Bottle 500ml - Catering Equipments
Square Olive Oil Bottle 500ml(16oz)
CODE: CP1924

880015-C Square Olive Oil Bottle

Product Description:

  • The Square Olive Oil Bottle is the perfect addition to your tabletop, buffet line or kitchen with a stainless steel pourer.This bottle is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.
  • The Square Olive Oil Bottle 500ml (16oz) is a specific product designed for storing and dispensing olive oil.
  • It typically has a square or rectangular shape and a capacity of 500ml, which is equivalent to approximately 16 fluid ounces.
  • The bottle is specifically designed for olive oil, and its shape helps to protect the oil from light and air, which can affect its quality.
  • The bottle may have a pourer or spout for easy and controlled pouring of the oil.
  • It is commonly made from glass or other food-grade materials to ensure the oil's freshness and prevent any chemical reactions.
  • The specific design and features of the Square Olive Oil Bottle 500ml (16oz) can vary among different brands or manufacturers, so it's advisable to check the product description or consult the manufacturer for more detailed information.

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